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We are just a small team of people who love cookies! When you talk to anyone these days they tell you how 'busy' they are, right? So we set out to make one of our favorite snacks fuel for your body instead of empty calories. So if you are on the go, love the outdoors, are an athlete, have a sweet tooth, or maybe you just plain don't like eating your greens....We've got the cookie for you!

EverYoung Natural Foods is our parent company. It was founded by Jerry Lisson in 2005. Jerry has dedicated his life to scientific research involving the plant-based diet and disease prevention. Through his years of research, he has worked with talented bakers to create plant-based products that taste amazing and provide health benefits to consumers. Located on the Southern shore of Lake Ontario in Western NY we use only US grown, natural ingredients. Always organic, non-gmo, kosher, and vegan. EverYoung Natural Foods strives to provide healthier, great-tasting products to people across the world.